Building Knowledge To Help Youth-Serving Organizations

Effectively Manage Their Programs

Enhance Your Organization’s Educational Programs


Youth Studies Inc. develops systems and procedures to assess the impact of educational programs on the academic, social, and personal development of youth participants.

Our services include program evaluation, development of performance measurement systems, grant writing, statistical analysis, database development, and training.

Our Approach

Youth Studies, Inc. (YSI) was founded in January 2009 to provide research and evaluation support to youth-serving, nonprofit organizations.

These organizations face the great challenge of ensuring that their programs are sustainable, consistent with best practices, and promote positive outcomes for the populations they serve. To support our clients in meeting this challenge, YSI implements evaluation studies that generate knowledge that is both methodologically sound and of practical use to practitioners and policymakers.


YSI’s Mission

YSI’s mission is to provide our clients with the best available evaluation services to help them effectively manage their programs. To promote effective use of evaluation, YSI:

  • Tailors evaluation designs to meet the specific needs of our clients;
  • Draws on multiple sources of data including official school records (e.g. assessment scores, report card grades, and attendance data), surveys, and observations of programs;
  • Works with clients to help them use evaluation data to support their continuous improvement; and
  • Provides concise and accessible communications, both written and oral.